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Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Graphics Hardware 2008 will be held at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (SSST) in Sarajevo. SSST is the first private university in Bosnia-Herzegovina, dedicated to high quality, modern and internationally competitive education and research. The computer Graphics (CG) group at SSST is very active in establishing SSST as a leader in CG research in this part of the world.

Graphics Hardware is renowned for its banquet event, and this year will continue that tradition with a gala buffet at the revolving Blue Prism restaurant. The Blue Prism sits atop of the most exclusive hotel in the region. On the menu is a fine selection of traditional Bosnian dishes. Vegetarian selections will be available. Please indicate vegetarian preferences when you register so that the organizers can ensure that there are sufficient vegetarian servings for all who require them.

EGSR provides some background on the geography of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, including this map (1.7 MB) which marks hotel and conference locations.

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