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Submissions to Graphics Hardware 2008 are open. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, April 1, at 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Time. The online submission website is available here:

There is no fixed maximum length for a paper. However, the magnitude of the contribution must be proportional to the length of the paper, and papers longer than eight typeset pages in the final Eurographics format (zip file for EG format) must make a very significant contribution to get accepted. Papers of four or fewer pages will be held to a less strict standard of citation and description of related work (comparison to the strongest alternative techniques is still important, but an exhaustive review is not necessary). All accepted papers are treated equally, i.e., printed in the proceedings and presented at the conference.

Submissions should follow the formatting guidelines in

News as of 8 May 2008: We have updated the style file; in preparing final submissions please use this new style file.

We encourage anonymous submissions (in which the paper contains no identifying information) if possible.

Video sequences in QuickTime, MPEG or AVI format may be submitted using the electronic submission system.

If you have further questions about paper submission of the review process please contact .

For additional information send mail to