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20-21 June 2008, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Graphics Hardware 2008 hotel booking is being handled through Relax Tours. In order to get the group rate, you must book through this site. The Astra Garni and the Dardanija are within walking distance of the conference venue. The Park Vogosca is distant enough to require a taxi. The remaining hotels are close enough that one could walk, but likely would not want to.

Accommodation update, 9 June 2008: If you have not already booked a hotel through the Relax Tours interface, it is now too late to complete a wire transfer to confirm your room in time for the conference; however, Graphics Hardware has arranged with Relax Tours to guarantee first night's lodging for registered conference attendees. You should visit the Relax Tours reservation interface and reserve a room, then confirm with Relax Tours that they are holding your room on the Graphics Hardware guarantee. Upon arriving in Sarajevo, you must visit the Relax Tours office to pay for your stay with cash or credit card. As a convenience to those who will arrive on Thursday, Relax Tours will have a representative on site at GH2008 registration.

Clarification of the Relax Tours registration interface: The hotels offer single and double occupancy rooms. The rates listed are the price of a single (the high price) and half the price of a double (the low price). To register for a single, select the SINGLE radio and the price immediately below it. If you are reserving a double, choose the DOUBLE radio and the price immediately beneath, and please give your roommate's name in the text box. Double rooms contain either a double or two single beds.

If you enter your flight information and choose "yes" under Transfer airport _htl/apt, a Relax Tours representative will pick you up at the airport.

The Transfer htl/congress hall/htl should be selected in the affirmative if you are staying at the Park Vogosca and do not want to use a cab.

The increasing cost of the airport to hotel transportation with larger groups is related to the costs of operating larger vehicles.

Breakfast is included will all rooms.

EGSR provides some background on the geography of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, including this map (1.7 MB) which marks hotel and conference locations.

For additional information send mail to