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In cooperation with The European Association for Computer Graphics

In cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH

With support from:

Mitsubishi Electric
Silicon Graphics
Siemens Semiconductor Group


The 1998 Eurographics/SIGGRAPH
Workshop on Graphics Hardware
Lisbon, Portugal
August 31 and September 1, 1998

Thank you!

Thanks for making this one of the most successful graphics hardware workshops ever! Attendee survey results are now available. Also, most of the workshop presentations, including David Kirk's excellent keynote address, are now online.

Once the workshop proceedings have been entered into ACM's inventory, you can order them directly from ACM at 1-800-342-6626 or

Winners of the Best Paper Award

The winners of the best paper award are:

Joel McCormack, Robert McNamara, Chris Gianos and Norman Jouppi,
Digital Equipment Corporation,
Ken Correll and Larry Seiler,
at Digital for this work, now of Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab

for their paper:

"Neon: A Single-Chip 3D Workstation Graphics Accelerator"

The presentation at the workshop was given by Joel McCormack. Congratulations!


The Eurographics/SIGGRAPH Hardware Workshop is an established international forum for exchanging experience and knowledge related to computer graphics hardware. The workshop provides a setting for discussions and constructive critique of new ideas and novel approaches to problems in graphics hardware. The workshop is attended by leading researchers and practitioners in the field. Following last year's format, the workshop will be in cooperation with Eurographics and ACM SIGGRAPH.


New in 1998

Best Paper Award: An award of $500 will be given to the authors of the paper considered to be the outstanding paper presented at the workshop. The award is based on the accuracy, originality, and importance of the technical concept, the quality and readability of the manuscript, as well as the content and delivery of the verbal presentation. To qualify for this award, one or more of the principal authors must be enrolled at the workshop and actually present the paper. The winner will be chosen by the organization committee based on audience feedback and will be announced at the end of the workshop.

Demonstrations: The workshop on graphics hardware is a unique opportunity to present prototypes and products to computer graphics experts. We invite demonstrations of graphics hardware, software, and integrated systems. Demonstrations will be held on Monday and Tuesday during the workshop. We highly encourage paper authors to demonstrate their systems at the workshop. 



Workshop Chairs:  
Arie Kaufman

SUNY Stony Brook (USA)

Wolfgang Strasser

University of Tuebingen (Germany)

Program Chairs:  
Gunter Knittel

HP Labs (USA)

Hanspeter Pfister

Mitsubishi Electric Research (USA)

Local Arrangements:  
Mario Rui Gomes

IST/Inesc (Portugal)

Barthold Lichtenbelt

Dynamic Pictures (USA)

International Program Committee:  
A. Barkans

Microsoft (USA)

M. Cox

MRJ/NASA Ames & Intel Corp. (USA)

F.C. Crow

Interval Research (USA)

N. England

University of North Carolina (USA)

H. Fuchs

University of North Carolina (USA)

P. Hanrahan

Stanford University (USA)

A. Kaufman

SUNY Stony Brook (USA)

F. Kitson

HP Labs (USA)

G. Knittel

HP Labs (USA)

A.A.M. Kuijk

CWI (Netherlands)

P. Lacroute

Silicon Graphics (USA)

P. Leray

CCETT (France)

P. Lister

Sussex University (UK)

R. Maenner

University of Mannheim (Germany)

T. Malzbender

HP Labs (USA)

M. Meriaux

University of Poitiers (France)

S. Molnar

Integrated Device Technology (USA)

C. Narayanaswami

IBM Research (USA)

U. Neumann

University of Southern California (USA)

F. Peters

Philips Research (Netherlands)

H. Pfister

Mitsubishi Electric Research (USA)

A. Schilling

University of Tuebingen (Germany)

B.-O. Schneider

IBM Research (USA)

C. Shaw

University of Regina (Canada)

W. Strasser

University of Tuebingen (Germany)

J. Torborg

Microsoft (USA)

R. Yagel

Silicon Graphics Biomedical (Israel)




Hanspeter Pfister
Mitsubishi Electric, ITA
201 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: +617-621-7566
Fax: +617-621-7550
Gunter Knittel
Hewlett-Packard Lab
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Phone: +650-857-7153
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