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(30 July 2007) Extra tickets for the dinner cruise will be sold Saturday morning at the check-in desk for $75. Directions are available here.

(26 July 2007) Good news! In response to our request, to make it easier for our attendees, the SIGGRAPH registrar will bring badges to us on Friday evening after registration closes, so we can give out badges on the spot instead of routing people to the SIGGRAPH registration. Early badge pickup (Friday) and on-site registration will still happen in SDCC Hall H.

(24 July 2007) All GH attendees must get their badges from SIGGRAPH, at the convention center rather than coming directly to the Hilton Gaslamp and expecting to register there. You can do this from 3–6 PM on Friday 3 August or starting at 7:30 AM on Saturday. We have no ability to generate badges on-site at the Hilton.

If, and only if, you require a vegetarian meal, please contact and let them know.

(17 July 2007) We are delighted that the number of registered attendees this year is the highest ever for Graphics Hardware. We have been able to expand our venue through a simulcast, so registration is now re-enabled, but there may be a hard cap on the social event so attendees should register now to guarantee themselves a spot.


Online registration for Graphics Hardware 2007 is available through SIGGRAPH 2007 Online Registration. Note that through this site you can register for both SIGGRAPH and all co-registered events such as Graphics Hardware.

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