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Graphics Hardware: Directions to Saturday Night Social Event

Here are directions from the Hilton Gaslamp to the Marriott Marina, Gate #3.

  • Have your guests go to the south side of the hotel and get on the walking path.
  • At the first stoplight make a left. The street you should be on is First Avenue.
  • Cross the street
  • Make immediate left and look to your right for a sign that says "bay this way".
  • Follow the sign and you will be walking parallel to a wall that has grass diamonds on it.
  • You will be facing the Marina Parking Garage and you will see above it a carving of a man looking through binoculars.
  • Do not go through garage. When you see the carving, there will be a pathway to your left. Take that.
  • Path will let you out into a parking lot
  • Head South to Marina Boardwalk and make a right
  • Keep walking until you see a circular building on your right. Gate #3 is right across from it.

Please allow 15–20 minutes to get there.

Boarding starts at 6:30 pm.

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