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Sunday, August 12, 2001

08:30 Registration  
09:15 Welcome and Opening Session Hanspeter Pfister, MERL
09:30 Keynote Talk  
  The Missile Gap
Why your customers never seem to use the full power of your parts (and what you may be able to do about it) - a true story by Seamus Blackley

Seamus Blackley, XBox Director for Advanced Technologies, Microsoft

As director of the Advanced Technology Group (ATG), Seamus is responsible for making Xbox developers "heroes." ATG's mission is to ensure that Xbox games achieve unprecedented quality and originality through proactive, worldwide support of Xbox programmers, artists, game designers, sound designers, musicians, and producers.

ATG includes support staff in the United States, Japan, and Europe; research and development teams comprising some of the best and brightest in the graphics and game technology fields; a content support team for artists, musicians and designers; a samples team, which supplies examples and tips for all Xbox software assets; and a Tools and Middleware program, which seeks to ensure that Xbox game developers have every possible asset they need to execute on their creative vision.

10:30 Coffee Break  
11:00 Session 1: Volume Graphics Chair: Ulrich Neumann, USC
  High-Quality Pre-Integrated Volume Rendering Using Hardware-Accelerated Pixel Shading Klaus Engel, Martin Kraus, Thomas Ertl, University of Stuttgart
  Volumetric Deformation on General Purpose Hardware C. Rezk-Salama, M. Scheuering, G. Soza, G. Greiner, University of Erlangen-Nueremberg
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Session 2: Surface-Oriented Techniques Chair: Michael Deering, Sun
  Watertight Tessellation using Forward Differencing
Talk slides [2.05 MB-pdf]
Henry Moreton, NVIDIA
  Hardware Support for Adaptive Subdivision Surface Rendering M. Boo, University of Santiago de Compostela
M. Amor, University of La Coruna
M. Doggett, J. Hirche, W. Strasser, University of Tuebingen
  Hardware Support for Non-photorealistic Rendering Ramesh Raskar, MERL
  Compiling to a VLIW Fragment Pipeline
Talk slides [163 kB-pdf]
William R. Mark, Kekoa Proudfoot, Stanford University
15:00 Coffee Break  
15:30 Hot 3D Session I Chair: Peter N. Glaskowsky
  The AR350: Today’s Ray Trace Rendering Processor
Talk slides [0.52 MB-pdf]
Daniel Hall, Advanced Rendering Technology
  Unified Pixel Shading in the ATI R200
Talk slides [0.75 MB-pdf]
Mark Fowler, ATI Research
17:00 End of Day 1 and Banquet Info Clint Chua, USC
18:00 Busses leave from Wilshire Grand Hotel  
19:00 Workshop Banquet  

Monday, August 13, 2001

09:00 Keynote Talk Introduction: Arie Kaufman, SUNY Stony Brook

Trends in Graphics Architecture
Talk slides [72 kB-PDF]
Tim Van Hook will dicuss the current state of 3D graphics hardware architecture, with some reflection on its history and some speculation on its future.


Tim Van Hook, Fellow, ATI Technologies

Tim Van Hook is presently a Fellow at ATI Technologies. ATI acquired startup ArtX, of which Tim was CTO and cofounder. ArtX developed an integrated graphics northbridge for PC's and the graphics chip for the Nintendo Gamecube. Before ArtX, Tim was the graphics architect of the Nintendo 64 at SGI. He coauthored the MIPS MDMX and SPARC VIS instructions sets, and the graphics subsystem of the SPARCstation 10SX while at Sun. Sun acquired Trancept Systems, another startup he cofounded with colleagues from Ikonas. Prior to a few decades of graphics, imaging, and multimedia product development, Tim got a BFA in Sculpture.

10:00 Coffee Break  
10:30 Session 3: Rasterization Chair: Pat Hanrahan, Stanford University
  The F-Buffer: A Rasterization-Order FIFO Buffer for Multipass Rendering
Talk slides [1.01 MB-pdf]
William R. Mark, Kekoa Proudfoot, Stanford University
  Incremental and Hierarchical Hilbert Order Edge Equation Polygon Rasterization Michael D. McCool, Chris Wales, Kevin Moule, University of Waterloo
  R-Buffer: A Pointerless A-Buffer Hardware Architecture
Talk slides [2.91 MB-pdf]
Craig M. Wittenbrink, HP Labs
  Quasi-Linear Depth Buffers with Variable Resolution
Talk slides [634 kB-pdf]
Animation, z, 24bit [1.34 MB-avi]
Animation, w, 24bit [1.34 MB-avi]
Animation, w, round [1.34 MB-avi]
Eugene Lapidous, ViewSpace Technologies Inc.
Guofang Jiao, Jianbo Zhang, Timothy Wilson, Trident Microsystems Inc.
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Session 4: Mapping and Shading Techniques Chair: Anders Kugler, NVIDIA
  Perlin Noise Pixel Shaders John C. Hart, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  Vertex-Based Anisotropic Texturing
Talk [html]
Marc Olano, Shrijeet Mukherjee, Angus Dorbie, SGI
  SPAF: Sub-Texel Precision Anisotropic Filtering
Talk slides [406 kB-pdf]
Hyun-Chul Shin, Jin-Aeon Lee, and Lee-Sup Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  Realtime Bumpmap Synthesis Jan Kautz, MPI Saarbruecken
Wolfgang Heidrich, University of British Columbia
Hans-Peter Seidel, MPI Saarbruecken
15:30 Coffee Break, Best Paper Award Ballot  
16:00 Hot 3D Session II: Panel Host: Peter N. Glaskowsky
  3D for PCs and Game Consoles Panelists:
Kurt Akeley
Mark Fowler, ATI
Daniel Hall, ART
Petri Nordlund, Bitboys
John Montrym, Nvidia
17:30 Best Paper Award and Closing Remarks Gunter Knittel, HP Labs