Challenges & Opportunities for 3D Graphics on the PC


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Table of Contents

Challenges & Opportunities for 3D Graphics on the PC



Everyone could be using 3D

The 3D Chasm

The Killer App - 3D Windows?

Microsoft’s GDI+

VRML and Web3D

The VRML Roadmap

How 3D Will Become Pervasive

Geometry Performance

The Widening Gap

3Dlabs Jetstream

The Problem for High-end Hardware

3Dlabs’ Solution for a Viable High-End

GLINT Gamma G3

GLINT R4 Stripe Interleaving

Jetstream Board Topology

Vertex Transmission Bandwidth

The Journey of a Vertex

Effective Bandwidths

What is the solution?

Long Term Solution

Complex Surfaces

Displacement Maps

Surface Subdivision

Vertex Blending

Graphics Geometry Intelligence

The Graphics Memory Dilemma

Software Texture Management

Virtual Textures

Virtual Textures Benefits

Virtual Texturing versus UMA


Author: Neil Trevett 

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Presentation for SIGGRAPH Eurographics 1999 Hardware Workshop in Computer Graphics