Real Time Cinematic Effects on the PC The 3dfx T-Buffer


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Table of Contents

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3D Breakthroughs For Mainstream PCs

Immersive 3D: Suspension of Disbelief

T- Buffer™: The Problem It Solves

What Is It?

Some references

Full-Scene Anti Aliasing: Implementation

Full-Scene High-Quality Spatial AA

Full-Scene Spatial AA Images

Spatial AA Demo

T-Buffer™ Benefit: Motion Blur (Temporal AA)

Motion Blur Image

T-Buffer™ Benefit: Depth Of Field Blur (Focal AA)

Depth of Field, Some Theory

Depth of Field, Implementation

Depth Of Field Image

T-Buffer™ Benefit: Soft Shadows

T-Buffer™ Benefit: Soft Reflections

Soft Shadows/Reflections Image

Soft Reflections “hack”

Soft Reflections, Implementation

All at once now…

Programming Optimizations

Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast… Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing

Compare and Contrast… Selective Motion Blur

T-Buffer Demo

T-Buffer™ Effects: Vital for Realism

Presentation Credits

Author: Gary Tarolli

Other information:
Presentation for SIGGRAPH Eurographics 1999 Hardware Workshop in Computer Graphics