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Hot 3d Systems Track
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Sunday, August 8, 1999

15:00 Hot 3D Session I
  Chair: Peter N. Glaskowsky
15:00 Hot 3D Session I
  3Dlabs, "Virtual Textures - a true demand-paged texture memory management system in silicon" [.html] [.pdf-485k]
Chris Hall
  BitBoys, "The Glaze3D Graphics Processor" [.html] [.pdf-1380k]
Petri Nordlund
  NEC, "The TE4 Professional 3D Accelerator" [.html] [.pdf-823k]
Yoshinori Chiwaki


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Monday, August 9, 1999

15:00 Hot 3D Session II
  Chair: Peter N. Glaskowsky
  3Dfx, "Real-Time Cinematic Effects on the PC: the 3Dfx T-Buffer" [.html] [.pdf-732k]
Gary Tarolli
  Advanced Rendering Technology, "The AR250: a New Architecture for Ray-Traced Rendering" [.html] [.pdf-92k]
Daniel Hall
  PixelFusion, "Massively Parallel SIMD Computing on a Single Chip" [.html] [.pdf-252k]
Ray McConnell